You skin can lose its shine and glow owing to a number of factors including wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. This is true despite the fact that you want to have a beautiful and youthful skin which should always be attractive. You skin is the biggest organ in the body and taking care of it is always important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. With a host of remedies available, getting a natural and effective way to restore your skin’s glow is always important and dermal roller treatment offers exactly this.

What is dermal roller treatment?

Commonly known as Microneedle therapy in some quarters, the treatment is done using a device that has numerous needles. This device is rolled on the surface of the skin making numerous micro wounds which are interpreted as wounds by the body thus causing it to produce natural wound healing chemicals which repairs the skin. Dermal roller treatment is thought to have the same effects as those produced by laser surfacing although it is cheaper that laser treatment.

Different skin issues that you can solve using derma roller therapy

Get rid of acne scars: - Normally, acne development on the skin will lead to scars or marks after the healing process. These scars can be as bad as acne itself and getting rid of them is always a major concern for many people. With dermal needle treatment, it is easy to fight acne scars effectively yet without experiencing any side effects associated with creams and chemical based products. Using micro needle treatment on a daily basis can help remove these scars while restoring the beautiful and soft glow on the skin.

Eliminate wrinkles: - Dermal roller therapy is viewed as a highly effective treatment against wrinkles. The treatment triggers a natural skin repair and regeneration, a process that works below the surface of the skin in dermis. As you use the micro needle therapy, the skin experiences an enhanced blood circulation, generates new skin cells and forms new collagen. Although this process might take some time, signs of repair and regeneration will be clearly visible within a few weeks. With time, you can enjoy a long-lasting, natural skin enhancement. Using dermal roller therapy along with your anti ageing creams produces better results since the products are able to penetrate the skin in a better way.

Helps fight stretch marks: - Stretch marks are a common part of aging. However, it is unfortunate to note that the skin can develop stretch marks due to unnatural aging process thus leaving your skin looking unattractive. The use of dermal roller treatment can work wonderfully to remove stretch marks.

Micro needle therapy device is small and handheld and the best thing is that you can use it at home. However, having a professional therapist work on your skin using this device could help produce quality results while avoid any mistakes that are likely to produce contrary results.

Dermal roller treatment does not involve any chemicals and only stimulates the production of elastin and collagen naturally. These two chemicals are very essential for repairing any damages on the skin thus giving it a beautiful feel and look.