Many people that work in the restaurant industry say they would like to own their own one day, meaning the dream of owning a restaurant is a big career aspiration. We have provided the best tips and tricks to help start-up restaurants.

  1. Remember the big THREE

For a restaurant to succeed, you need the big three - a great chef, great location and great concept. The location of your restaurant and the skills of your chef should match the concept; otherwise, you will be left with a lot of drama.

  1. Overestimate Capital

It is always best to plan on having 8 to 12 months of working capital from the start.

Expenditures can add up quickly and can take time for your new place to get to grips with everything and welcome regular and new customers.

Getting premises refurbished, re-decorated, stocked, adding the right security getting new staff, the restrictions on the budget are huge in the first year

Remember to not spend loads during the first few months as the ‘honeymoon phase’ does end. To determine the real success of your restaurant, you will have to wait a few years. Click here to see stats.

    1. Ask a Restaurant Consultant

A restaurant consult will be able to direct you in the right path by recommending spending patterns, a business plan and can even develop your concept. A consultant will have the experience and knowledge that you need to successfully run your restaurant.

  1. Your Staff Are Your Best Assets

Diners are expecting exceptional customer service at a restaurant and it is important that you hire the right team to do so. Hire servers with experience in the industry and those that are eager to impress. Your team should want to go above and beyond for their customers. Become a great waitress. Severs are the difference between a pleasant dining experience and a brilliant one.