What a difference a smile can make. From being able to cheer up those who are feeling gloomy purely by offering them a happy smile to completely transforming one’s face for the better, the right smile can work wonders on both those giving a smile and those receiving it.

A beautiful smile can make us feel more confident and more attractive, and may allow us to simply appear more friendly, open and appealing.

However, not everyone has the smile of their dreams, and some may feel their collection of pearly whites is more like an enamel-coated nightmare than anything else. In turn, they may not ever be able to truly realise the full power of a smile, either emotionally or aesthetically.

The importance of a good smile

From personal relations to success in business right through to more amorous activities, a smile can affect your chances of success and contentment. If your smile makes you feel self-conscious, you may never really fully let go, hiding your teeth instead of beaming a wonderful smile that will make you appear more open, more attractive and more sincere.

On the other hand, when smiling comes naturally and you feel confident giving a wide toothy grin, you are likely to get an emotional boost and see others flock to you at the same time. .

Smiling honestly and completely shows we are willing to open ourselves up, and in turn individuals doing so are more likely to be trusted by those around them. Those concerned about their teeth are likely to suppress their smile and in turn may even look as though their smile is a deceit, rather than a natural expression of happiness, joy or openness.

Smiling and laughing freely will also considerably boost emotional wellbeing. In turn, the happier you feel about your smile, the happier you will feel as a person, and as such it is vital to ensure that you look after your teeth so you will always be able to beam away without any inhibitions getting in the way.

In fact, even forcing yourself to smile can actually make you happier. We often feel the emotions we mimic, and when smiling, whether by force or spontaneously, we are likely to feel happier as a result. For an emergency dentist in the City we recommend Cap City near Liverpool Street Station.

Getting the perfect smile

Smiling has been proven to make us feel more cheerful, appear more successful and look more attractive. As such, striving for the perfect smile could improve almost every aspect of our lives and at the same time help us to give a little boost to those around us.

Whether you want to attract more friends or beaus or just want to feel open enough to truly smile when you feel like it, taking steps to improve teeth can make all the difference. Veneers are often the pain free answer to improving your smile and hiding any discolorations or slight crookedness of the teeth and the price will make you smile!

From seeking regular checkups to boost oral health and spot hygiene issues early on through to seeking cosmetic treatment to get teeth looking straighter, whiter and more natural, there will be many ways to improve your smile and ensure that it leaves you feeling and looking far better.

Cosmetic dentistry has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years and individuals can now correct everything from crooked or misshapen teeth to gaps and discolouring.

Those who smile regularly are likely to be happier and more successful, and attaining the freedom to smile may be as simple as getting regular checkups and getting some simple and painless cosmetic work done. Find a nearby dentist.